Fine Wine Market Performance
1990 Vintages Opening Price
(per case)
Recent Auction
Increase over
18 years
Cheval Blanc £370 £20,537 5,450%
Le Pin £780 £32,200 4,028%
Margaux £400 £6,900 1,625%
Haut Brion £324 £5,343 1,549%
Lynch Bages £142 £1,722 1,112%
Welcome to VinVende Courtier

Fine wine brokerage and consultancy services for private and corporate clients.

Over the past few years, the fine wine investment market has gained significantly in popularity as experts have recognised it as having key characteristics of a highly effective divergence investment. These key characteristics include superior performance, low correlation to other asset classes, and exemption from capital gains tax, market stability and the growing global consumption of fine wines in Asia, Russia, India and the Middle East which provides a stable base.

VinVende Courtier provides fully managed portfolio services which include the sourcing and recommendation of fine wines, arrangement of transport, storage and the all important exit stratagies for the resale of your wine to the secondary market.

As part of our ongoing service we will be keeping you fully updated in terms of the capital growth of your wine and market developments with quarterly bulletins and bi-annual valuation reports.

People have been investing in fine wines for hundreds of years. However until now, like fine art and antiques, you would either have to be an expert on the subject or be prepared to make expensive mistakes when entering the market purely for monetary gain.

VC was formed with the specific intention of offering structured investments to ordinary people with little or no knowledge of Fine Wines.

We hope you enjoy viewing our site and if you would like to learn more please fill in our contact form so we can arrange an informal chat for you with one of our experts.

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